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CW/CCW 400W Geared brush motor
HY-154 DC Geared Motor

CW/CCW 400W Geared brush motor

Brush plate motor CW/CCW 400W reduction motor personalized customized motor.CW/CCW 400W Reduced Brush Disk Motor has clockwise and counterclockwise rotation functions, it can easily adapt to different tasks. The 400W output ensures powerful functionality, while the gear design enhances torque, providing unparalleled strength. Its compact and robust construction makes it ideal for machinery requiring reliability in tight spaces.
  • Specifications
    Voltage: 12~36VDC
    Current: 6~30A
    Pout: 200~400W
    Speed: 100~350rpm
    Torque: 10~30N.m
  • Dimensions
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Hengye Intelligent Drive (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Established in 2004, Hengye Intelligent Drive (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. has long been focusing on the R&D and manufacturing of AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, brushless motors, geared motors, which have a high reputation in the industries of cleaning equipment, medical equipment, logistic and handling equipment, industrial controls, vacuum pumps, etc. CW/CCW 400W Geared brush motor Wholesale.
Hengye has been focusing on talent cultivation and has a large number of senior and stable R&D engineers, process and quality engineers. CW/CCW 400W Geared brush motor Suppliers and Copmany. At the same time, Hengye has been continuously upgrading its equipment capacity, with ultra-precision machining equipment including OKUMA, MAZAK, HASS, BROTHER, as well as advanced testing equipment in the industry, such as ZEISS, JENOPTIK, MITUTOYO, and so on.
While guaranteeing that the technology and quality exceed the industry standard, Hengye is committed to providing more professional and efficient customized solutions to help customers solve problems. We will cooperate with our customers to develop together and create brilliant future.
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